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CIPhER Center for Innovative Pharmacy Education & Research
About Us
The overall mission of CIPhERCenter for Innovative Pharmacy Education and Research – is to influence and transform health professions and graduate education and scholarship locally, nationally, and globally. More specifically, CIPhER aims to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of curricula and instruction by providing professional development and research support to faculty, clinical preceptors, postgraduate trainees and teaching assistants.
CIPhER's Vision is to transform strategically targeted, high-value areas of health professions education and research through the application of innovative best practices, powerful research methods, and advanced technologies.
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Upcoming | Past
Programs Date
Grappling with the Nuance of Integrating Race and Gender into Health Science Education 10/04/2022
Giving and Receiving Credit Where Deserved: Strategies to Prevent and Resolve Authorship Challenges 09/23/2022
Preceptor Design Lab Series: Taking the Difficult out of Difficult Conversations 09/15/2022
Stress First Aid for Pharmacy Educators 09/14/2022
2022 Virtual CIPhER Summer Institute in Evidence-based Teaching and Course Design 05/23/2022 - 05/26/2022
Competency-based Education in Pharmaceutical Sciences and Doctor of Pharmacy Programs 05/11/2022
Making DEI a Habit in Your Curriculum 04/20/2022
Resiliency in Challenging and Turbulent Times: Strategies to Help You Flourish 04/06/2022
Providing Feedback to Feedforward Performance 03/25/2022
Preceptor Design Lab Series: Accessibility in Didactic and Experiential Settings 03/10/2022
Design Your Course with Confidence: Meet ADDIE - An Educator's BFF! 03/09/2022
Maximizing Your Research Impact 02/25/2022
Scholarship of Teaching & Learning Bootcamp - February 2022 02/08/2022 - 02/16/2022
CIPhER Seminar: Crafting Suveys for Quality & Diverse Data Collection 02/02/2022
Cognitive and Social Influences During the Clinician/Patient Interaction 01/12/2022
Facilitating Small Group Learning: Tips for Successful Student Engagement 12/15/2021
Getting Started with Qualitative Data Collection: Interviews, Think Aloud, and Other Methods 11/17/2021
Moving Your Project from Results to Publication: Advice on the Manuscript Writing Process from Succesful Scholars 11/05/2021
Preceptor Design Lab Series: Practical Solutions for Navigating Challenging Learning Situations 10/07/2021
Safe to Speak: How to Foster Psychological Safe Environments 09/08/2021
Creating a Racially Inclusive Learning Environment: Alumni Perspective-Spanning Experiences Over Two Decades and Lessons Learned 09/03/2021
Returning to Normal: Strenghening Your Well-being for the Classroom & Clinical Training 08/24/2021
Graduate Education at the UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy: Use and Format of Qualifying Exams 06/09/2021
Enhancing Well-Being Through Reducing Burnout & Fostering Mindfulness: Research,Practice & Incorporating Techniques into Classroom & Clinical Training 05/26/2021
2021 Online CIPhER Summer Institute in Evidence-based Teaching and Course Design 05/17/2021 - 05/20/2021
Academic Resilience: Strenghtening Your Research by Leveraging Rejection 05/12/2021
inclusifiED: Inclusive Teaching Practices Workshop 05/07/2021
Interprofessional Education and Practice at UNC: Where Are We Now and Where Are We Going? 04/28/2021
Panel Session on the Use and Format of Qualifying Exams Across Campus 04/14/2021
Spring 2021 Lightning Round Celebration 04/07/2021
Considerations of the LGBTQIA+ Community in Creating an Inclusive Learning Environment 03/25/2021
Enhancing Well-Being Through Mindfulness: Research, Practice and Incorporating Techniques Into Classroom & Clinical Training 02/03/2021
Preceptor Design Lab Series: Peeling Back Layered Learning 01/28/2021
Advanced Zoom Training: Breakout Rooms 01/08/2021
ExamSoft Training 12/11/2020
A Lightning Round of Tips Relating to Online Learning 12/09/2020
Facilitating Small Group Learning: TIps for Successful Student Engagement 12/04/2020
Resisting the Urge to Lecture: Ways to Incorporate Flipped Learning in Your (Online) Course 11/13/2020
Preceptor Master-Class: Motivating the Unmotivated 11/04/2020
Zooming Into Virtual Spaces: Zoom Basic Training 10/30/2020
Manuscript Writing 101: Tips for Developing a Research Question and Publishing Your Project 10/26/2020
Special Topic Preceptor Forum: Precepting in a Virtual Environment 10/16/2020
Advanced Qualitative Research: Diving Into Data Analysis 09/22/2020
Creating an Inclusive Learning Environment in the Graduate Education Setting 09/18/2020
Preceptor Deign Lab Series: Creating a Racially Inclusive Learning Environment in the Experiential Setting 09/16/2020
Misinformation in Teaching and Learning: Myths, Lies and Half-Truths 09/10/2020
Creating an Inclusive Learning Environment in the Residential Setting 08/21/2020
Foundations of Teaching & Learning 08/17/2020
2020-2021 CIPhER Teaching & Learning Certificate Program 08/17/2020 - 05/28/2021
Fall 2020 ExamSoft Training 07/21/2020
CIPhER Summer 2020 Series - Online Learning 06/12/2020 - 07/31/2020
Qualitative Research Design in Pharmacy: An Introductions to Understanding the How and Why 05/15/2020
What Do You Think? Utilizing the Delphi Method to Reach Consensus 05/01/2020
Educational Impact: Addressing the 03/11/2020
Best Practices in Assessing Baseline Knowledge 02/19/2020
Constructing Effective Communication 02/05/2020
Conducting a High-Quality Systematic Review: Tools and Best Practices 01/22/2020
Facilitating Small Group Learning: Tips for Successful Student Engagement 12/17/2019
We Talked About This Last Semester! Why Students Don't Remember and What We Can Do About It 12/13/2019
Ace the Test Set-up: ExamSoft Basic Training 12/10/2019
Navigating the IRB at UNC: Important Updates and Tips for Writing a Successful IRB Application 12/06/2019
Preceptor Design Lab Series:Constructing Effective Communication 11/07/2019